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Wind Turbine Noise 2015 Glasgow

WTN2015 Chairs Dinner jpgWN 2015 OpeningDavid Colby, Geoff Leventhall, Norm Broner, David Michaud

So here I am in Glasgow for the WTN 2015.  This year had a record turn out of over 190 people.  It was great to catch up with colleagues and friends while also getting straight into the serious side with papers and posters.  There were some very good papers especially dealing with the fiction that infrasound is the cause of the complaints by people living around wind farms.  Testing of people’s reaction to levels of infrasound higher than that occurring at wind farms did not elicit the same reactions as claimed.  This is more support for the “nocebo” effect!  I also chaired a session on Wednesday which was good fun.

The last day of the conference was spent on the question of amplitude modulation and it seems we are now getting a better handle on what it really is and how to assess it.  Indeed, a Draft Guidance document on amplitude modulation was released yesterday by the Institute of Acoustics and you can download it from the IOA website.

So that’s it for this time.  Planning is already underway for WTN 2017!  See you there?

Norm introducing ANorm Session ChairMark Bastach Geoff and Lyn and Norm at WTN 2015