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Beware Risk of Hearing Loss from Loud Music

Further to my post the other day, WHO has recently issued this scary statistic re the risk to hearing due to the prevalence of young people in particular being exposed to high levels of music.  If you are exposed to high levels of noise and turn up the volume on your music device and find […]

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Noise Levels Causing Hearing Damage

This article in the Australian today.  We must continually remind our youngsters and indeed, some of the oldsters, to only listen to their devices at much lower levels.  Many a time, I was on the bus travelling in to work and I could hear music blasting from earpieces from people sitting 2 metres away.  One time an […]

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Windfarms in the News Today

  The Cooper report is getting a lot of attention. Today, Cooper will be doing a presentation in Portland to the local community. Meanwhile, Graham Lloyd in today’s Australian, has Cooper attacking Media Watch who will be running a story on wind turbines and on Cooper’s findings. Lloyd has created more interest with his story […]

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